A wedding at a spa hotel? Is it a good idea?

spa hotel wedding

Wedding in the church, weddings in the hall. This is the traditional model for planning this most important day in life.

The wedding industry today offers clients a wedding and reception in literally any location and theme of the bride's choice. A hot wedding trend is outdoor weddings and weddings. All on the territory of one complex. A romantic wedding in a garden and a wedding in a tent right next to a spa hotel. This is the recipe for an unforgettable wedding and reception?

  1. This is what to pay attention to when choosing a hotel for your wedding
  2. A bachelorette party and wedding in one place

Lodz. Where to look for a hotel for your wedding?

Picturesque forest areas, fairy-tale lakeside areas, gardens by historic castles. If you came here after typing the phrase hotel for a wedding in Lodz, it means that in front of you to organize a wedding and reception just in the region of Lodz Already at the beginning of this organizational road, you must know what kind of celebration you care about.

Should it be an outdoor wedding and reception, or a reception in a hotel ballroom? On top of that, you need to know a few details: the number of guests, the theme of the wedding, the decorations. All these elements will build your dream wedding. In this article, we will focus on the choice of the wedding venue, because a lot depends on it.

Our proposal is a spa hotel located in a charming place outside the city. Wedding photographers dream of mysterious, picturesque corners for outdoor sessions. Now you may say, after all, I can choose any hotel? However, for good reason, our choice fell on the resort SPA&Wellness. It is in the comfort of the beauty parlors that the bride-to-be, along with her bridesmaids, will be able to relax soundly before that stressful day. What's more, she will also be able to enjoy the benefits of all those spa treatments.

Therefore, when looking for a place for the wedding, start by looking at offers spas in the region. There is still the question of the free date and accommodation for guests, but about that in a moment.

spa hotel wedding

We mentioned at the beginning about the hot wedding trend that is weddings and outdoor weddings. You have to admit such a celebration, looks really great. In the organization of this event will help you wedding agency or hotel. Yes exactly, because, after all, this wedding takes place on the territory of some hotel complex. Of course, various combinations are possible - wedding in the open air, wedding in the hotel, wedding in the church, wedding in the open air.

There are really a lot of possibilities, if you are assisted by an experienced hotel team, together you will create the event you have always dreamed of. Outdoor weddings are unique, impressive with rich decorations, musical settings, etc. To actually make such weddings memorable for guests, they must be laced with a unique location. Choosing this location is the task with which you must start this wedding marathon.

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A wedding at a spa hotel?

Rest assured that the wedding will not take place in a hotel spa. Guests will not parade around in bathrobes and with facial masks. Dancing will traditionally be in the ballroom, and there will also be tables with food. For the spa ... well, that's the place to book 2 days before the wedding. A while before the wedding, you will relax and prepare for this important day. Hotel spas have on offer spa treatments before the wedding. These are non-invasive, nurturing treatments that will give the bride-to-be a glow. This is the kind of pre-wedding preparation every bride craves.

Rest assured, gentlemen, there will be room in the office for you, too. However, it is not only about the preparations of the bride and groom. All wedding guests can relax in the hotel SPA. Who wouldn't fancy a nice foot massage after a night spent on the dance floor? Getting accommodated even a few days before the wedding is also a good opportunity to see to the organization. It's a chance to get to know the place thoroughly, get acquainted with the staff or the hotel manager. There will even be a moment to choose locations for an outdoor photo shoot.

Will you be able to relax at home before the wedding? Find a moment just for the two of you? Well, that's what might be the problem with it. W spa hotel, where you will stay, with your best friends you will prepare for this most important day in your life.

Finally, some tips on what to look for before booking a hotel for your wedding. Be sure to check it out.

wedding and reception in the open air


You are holding your wedding and reception outdoors, but actually under the auspices of the hotel. It is the waiters who will take care of serving the guests, and the hotel's kitchen will take care of the delicious dishes. Here you have the full support of the hotel and use its resources. It is no different when it comes to accommodation.

Since you are deciding on a hotel, already whether the wedding is outdoors or indoors, you want to provide accommodation for your guests. W hotelu, w którym odbywa się przyjęcie, nie w hotelach sąsiednich. Dlatego przy rezerwacji terminu wesela oraz noclegu, hotelu musi zapewnić Wam dostateczną liczbę wolnych pokoi. Nie ma co ukrywać, to ogromne udogodnienie dla gości, nocleg w miejscu, w którym odbywa się przyjęcie weselne. Co więcej, wynajmując hotel na wesele może uda Ci się otrzymać zniżkę na nocleg dla swoich gości? Wszystko oczywiście zależy od liczby rezerwowanych pokoi.

wedding in a hotel lodzkie

Honeymoon suite

We remain on the subject of accommodation. Hotels for weddings are very meticulous in realizing the visions of brides and grooms about the appearance of the wedding hall, decorations, etc. The staff updates the offer for the future spouses every season, adding free attractions from the hotel.

What a good hotel should offer you for your wedding is free accommodation in a honeymoon suite. The room should include a bottle of champagne, a fruit basket and romantic candle decorations. Such a room is sure to impress the newlyweds. Do not be stretched, accommodation in the hotel for the newlyweds should be included in the wedding package, at no extra cost.

Anniversary Dinner

This is not the end of surprises from the hotel. Luxury resortsThe wedding centers, experienced in organizing weddings, know how to take care of the customer and offer them more than other resorts.

Therefore, exactly one year from now, you will appear at the hotel for an elegant anniversary dinner, at the hotel's expense. Because you have this service in your wedding package. This is a really attractive offer. The newlyweds receive an overnight stay in a suite and an anniversary dinner. There is no denying that this is a very nice gesture on the part of the hotel. Which couple wouldn't feel like celebrating their wedding anniversary in such a way, and, moreover, the first, most important one?

Customers who have fond memories of hosting a wedding at the hotel are more likely to host future family events at this location. Moreover, from just such customers, the hotel can count on free advertising.

wedding and reception in the open air

Experienced team

Using the services of wedding agencies is a considerable cost. Of course, here we know what we are paying for, ladies consultants will take care of the smallest detail of the wedding, such support is certainly priceless.

However, if you cannot afford the services of wedding experts or simply want to take care of the wedding yourself, remember the hotel staff. A team experienced in organizing weddings is an invaluable help on the wedding day. Hotels specializing only in wedding receptions even have special departments dedicated to weddings and weddings. They are specialists not unlike wedding consultants. Their knowledge and experience are really worth taking advantage of.

The hotel staff will not only oversee the ceremony, but also help with the wedding script. It's a free wedding consultation, well worth taking advantage of.

Free attractions from the hotel

Photographer, hall, band, makeup artist, hairdresser. When organizing a wedding, there are many wedding service providers working with you. With each one you need to meet, arrange details, sign a contract.

In theory, a wedding hall is just the reception + meal spaces. In fact, you can count on additional free attractions. This is the domain of upscale hotels in particular.

Brides and grooms can look forward to free wedding decorations, including the iconic wooden LOVE sign, a fireworks display, service photoboothsor releasing sky lanterns. There is no denying that with these additional services, hotels are winning the battle for the wedding customer, who does not There is no denying that he intends to leave a considerable amount of money in a given hotel. Such attractions from the hotel, are always welcome. Therefore, already during the first conversations with the hotel manager, it is worth asking what attractions the hotel offers to the newlyweds for free?Maybe in this way, you will be able to save on several service providers. The decoration company, or the team from the fireworks show.

hotel for weddings lodzkie

 Hen night at the SPA

Finally, we return to the organization of a wedding at a spa hotel. We mentioned that a spa wedding is a chance for brides to relax in a temple of beauty a day or two before the wedding. What's more, even those few days before, you can organize a bachelor or bachelorette party at the spa. The best drinks, the best treatments, massages, relaxation in the Jacuzzi. This is a recipe for an unforgettable bachelorette party.

If you don't want to risk a Hangover scenario, of course you can organize your bachelorette party a month before the wedding. This will be a good opportunity to get to know the hotel, its staff. Also, there is no denying that because of the organization of your wedding in this very hotel, you can receive additional profits to use in the SPA&Wellness Institute.

Maybe spa hotels already offer such combination packages? Hotel wedding + hen night at the hotel SPA. Maybe this is the offer you are looking for?

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