What attire to choose for hotel conferences?

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A white shirt and black smart pants are staples in your closet. You feel safe and confident in them during business meetings. Will such a duo also work as an outfit for conferences? Find the answer to this question in this article.

Together we will get through all the rigid rules of business style. 

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Business and scientific conferences in a hotel. How to dress for them?

It is said that women always have too few clothes. There is certainly something to that. The answer is simple and remember it well gentlemen. Women have too few clothes... For every occasion.

One elegant white shirt will eventually lose its versatility.  When preparing an outfit for conferences at a hotel, you need to start with a basic qualification.

It is, of course, about the nature of the event. The venue itself, or the hotel, dictates the style of the event. If the event is held in a a luxury hotel, our attire should be tailored to that location.

The number of hotel stars increases with the stature of our conference. Let's get down to specifics. We divide conferences into business and scientific. Both events differ in the degree of formality of dress.

Organizatorzy zaczęli przywiązywać większą uwagę do strojów, dlatego na wielu zaproszeniach pojawia się informacja, jaki strój jest wymagany. (Such information appears in the lower left corner of the invitation). If your invitation lacks such annotation, nothing lost. By specifying a few elements, you will easily choose the right attire. Let's start with a short survey.

Answer these questions:

  • What type of conference is it? Business or academic?
  • Where will the conference be held? In a conference room near Warsaw, in the training room in Lodz, Or in a conference room in a tiny country town? (Believe me the size of the conference venue, does matter)
  • Are you acting as a speaker or a listener?
  • What is your social status? Do you have a college degree? Are you a CEO or an employee of a corporation? Will you be representing the company?
  • Is the conference room equipped with air conditioning? (in case of a conference in a hotel, air conditioning in the rooms is a matter of course)

Quite a few of those, but we'll get through it together peacefully 🙂 .

Let's decode this dress code

Attire for conferences is to be clean, ironed and comfortable. A comfortable conference outfit will build you up for the day.

We feel comfortable and confident in comfortable clothes. Nothing restrains our movements, spoils our mood or focuses all our concentration on tight pants. Well, now that we know that the hotel conference outfit should be comfortable and neat. Now it's time for a more difficult step.

It's time to determine what style of dress we're in.

Business formal

This is the most common style at hotel conferences. It is such an office uniform.

The clothes come in safe colors: white, black, navy, gray, or brown. They are to be good quality clothes with impeccable appearance. Darker colors are rather reserved for evening outings, if the conference at the hotel lasts from morning to evening, however, it is worth considering: gray and navy blue.

Business attire for him

The marker of classic business attire for men is, of course, the obligatory suit.

Figure-fitting with good material, black, navy or dark brown suit. Let's now turn to the question of accessories. What else should a business conference guest wear?

Complementing the suit will be:

  • mandatory tie,
  • White or light blue long sleeve shirt,
  • Lace-up classic shoes,
  • Socks in a shade similar to the suit.

Now you will say, how is a man supposed to be comfortable, dressed up in a suit with a tie under his neck....

Of course a man dressed this way can feel comfortable, it is enough that he knows how to function in such a uniform. A man in a suit, while sitting, always unbuttons his jacket. While standing, on the other hand, he always remembers to fasten the top button of a double-breasted jacket. The atmosphere at a hotel conference gets casual? Boldly is the moment to remove the jacket, provided, of course, that the man has a long-sleeved shirt under it.

Business conference attire for her

More options are reserved for women in this style. Ladies can put in:

  • dress,
  • women's suit,
  • jacket and skirt,
  • jacket and pants ,
  • an elegant shirt and pants,
  • an elegant shirt and skirt.

There are actually quite a few possibilities....

Colors that apply to ladies are: white, black, navy blue, brown, dark green. Clothes should be elegant, made of good quality materials. These are figure-fitting clothes, without patterns or shiny elements. If ladies choose to wear skirts, they must remember that they should be skirts that match a jacket of the right length. Which one?

The skirt should cover the knees or end slightly above the knee. What about accessories?

For the perfect business outfit, every woman still needs shoes that cover the toes and heels, with a maximum heel of 5 centimeters. Add modest jewelry, a black bag, leather or black tights. You're ready for a hotel conference.

A lot of freedom in business casual

This is a lighter version of business style. It is still elegant, but less slightly me formal. Gentlemen can take off their ties, and ladies can wear lighter-colored clothes.

Business casual style is more and more boldly entering the conference rooms. It is visible at business conferences, as well as scientific conferences. It all depends on the nature of the conference. However, having in mind a respectable scientific group of guests, it is worth opting for a more formal style.

Lekkość tego stylu jest uzupełnieniem rangi wydarzenia. Im mniej formalnie tym jesteśmy bardziej casual. W przypadku konferencji w hotelu doskonale sprawdzi się zarówno business formal, jak i biznesowy casual. Jednak zwycięzcę wyłoni dopiero charakter samego wydarzenia. Wasza już w tym rola:) Styl business casual nie trzyma się mocno biurowo, biznesowych reguł. Można sobie pozwolić na luźniejsze, jaśniejsze tkaniny. Przejdźmy jednak do konkretów 🙂

Casual conference dress for her

Classic pants, shirts and cardigans join the business closet.

Women can swap out the silk shirt blouse for a white classic tee and note... Ditch the jacket! In the casual style you will find a greater range of colors. Clothes can be in vivid colors with delicate patterns. The handbag does not have to match the entire outfit. Similar freedom applies to shoes. Ladies can afford shoes that reveal the toe or heel, not just in black. This is still an elegant outfit that will work for a hotel conference, but already much more comfortable.

Casual and no tie

Unlike women, men can afford more freedom. For conferences at a hotel, he doesn't have to wear the aforementioned tie and he doesn't have to put on a jacket.

A man can wear shirts in a wider range of colors. The long sleeve still applies. What can replace the shirt with? Men can still choose from: oxford shirts and polo shirts. Top it off with a plain sweater, a cardigan and you're done.

Index of prohibited clothing

We put them on almost every day. They are an integral part of our closet. They go with everything and come in a variety of cuts. Our beloved jeans! Unfortunately, they too are on the list of forbidden outfits for conferences. Their long history and even legendary position in the fashion world, will not help in the clash with conference etiquette. However, they are not alone.

What else is not appropriate to wear to conferences at a hotel?

Still on that list were:

  • sandals,
  • short shorts,
  • clothing with large logos,
  • clothes in shiny, transparent fabrics,
  • strapless shirts.

Organizers really have a lot of work to do when setting up a conference at a hotel.

You have to take care of so many details: conference room, catering, equipment, air conditioning, staff, etc. We, as guests, also need to prepare properly for this event, just by choosing the right dress.

The tips described above will save us from a clothing slip-up and allow us to feel at ease. The conference dress code, has been decoded 🙂 .

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