What employee training is worth investing in?

training for hotel employees

Training, workshops, courses - employees see a great opportunity for development in such initiatives. They want to improve their qualifications, acquire new skills. The potential of trainings was also noticed by employers who started to invest a lot of money in training companies. Companies not only send their employees to external trainings, but they also organize them inside the company. Taking part in trainings and courses employees gain new competences and support their development. Companies offering training services tempt with rich offers. How to know which training courses for employees to choose? In the article below, you will learn about the types of training you need to invest in in 2018.

Training for employees

The trainings and courses that employees take part in are supposed to bring real benefits to the employer. The employee takes part in this initiative to improve his qualifications, broaden his knowledge, become a specialist. The training that the employer sends us to should correspond to our duties or interests. On courses for employees, we are supposed to gain knowledge and skills that we can use in our daily work. Participation of employees in trainings and courses will not only allow us to gain new skills. "Passing" relevant courses, confirmed by diplomas and certificates, will perhaps bring us closer to career advancement. Collecting these certificates will certainly come in handy. Earned diplomas confirm our path of development and qualifications. They will bring us closer to our dream job.

Employer pays and requires

If an employee takes part in training upon an explicit order of the employer, which in practice means that our boss covers all the costs of participation in training (participation in training, accommodation, travel), we can expect the signing of the so-called loyalty agreement. It is an agreement that secures employer's interest. In its content we will find a provision that states that we undertake to remain in the company for a specified period of time. If we want to leave before the end of the specified time, the employer may demand from us a refund of the training costs. From the point of view of the employer it is an understandable move, since he sends his employees for training, he wants them to use the acquired knowledge in his company.

If the employee covers the costs of participation in the training, there is no question of signing a contract with the employer, the so-called loyalty agreement. However, the consent of the boss for our participation in the event may be needed. This concerns situations when the training takes place during the employee's working hours, in which case the consent of the employer will be needed.

Fruitful training for employees

Szkolenia, na które wysyłamy pracowników muszą być merytoryczne i profesjonalnie przeprowadzone. Udział w szkoleniu to dla firmy spory wydatek ( zazwyczaj nie wysyłamy jednej osoby, tylko kilka osób, lub zespół), dobrze by te pieniądze rzeczywiście zostały zainwestowane w pracowników. Co zrobić by pieniądze przeznaczone na szkolenia dla pracowników były dobrze wydane? Szukając firmy szkoleniowej, szukajmy takiej, która cieszy się dobrą opinią. Informacji szukajmy w Internecie, na stronie szkoleniowca oraz na forach gdzie znajdują się opinie. Szkoleniowiec z renomą będzie bardziej aktywny w mediach społecznościowych. Swoimi sukcesami, klientami, narodami, certyfikatami będzie chwalił się w sieci.

Types of training for employees

The trainings in which the employees will take part are supposed to improve their qualifications, increase effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Participation in training will also increase the value of the employee in the labor market. Taking part in trainings, we fill up our CV, we build the image of a specialist.

What training courses do companies offer us? Which training courses to choose for your employees?

Vocational training

These are trainings that are created for a specific workplace. In such employee training, we gain new skills and knowledge for our job. Professional trainings include, for example, trainings in accounting, IT or administration. The company which conducts such training, additionally enriches it with elements essential for the given enterprise.

Soft competencies

Soft skills training for employees is actually a training of psychological skills. During soft skills training employees learn methods of dealing with stress, the art of self-presentation and assertiveness. Soft skills are considered to be the most valuable skills in employees today.

 Foreign languages are fundamental

This is no secret knowledge. Training for employees with knowledge of a foreign language are considered the most attractive. Many companies offer language courses to employees because of the demands of the job. This is an extremely comfortable situation. The employer pays for the course of learning a foreign language, which we use in our everyday work. Knowledge of foreign languages is nowadays a very valuable skill. Most employers consider the knowledge of foreign languages as a necessary condition. After all, learning is power, do not waste time and learn foreign languages.

Real benefits

Employee training is a valuable source of knowledge and development. Valuable employee training is an effective motivator for the team. Training should not just be a reward for the best employees. Courses, trainings, trips, should be an obligatory professional element in every company. Participation of employees in such events is a good sign of an employer who invests in his staff and cares about their development. It is a very good image treatment. Employees take part in training, it means that the company develops, grows, earns more.

Finally, a few words about external trainings organized in conference centers. Looking for training for our company, let's take care of the right place, which will provide us with comfortable conditions to work. Finally, a few days training, will allow us not only to gain extensive knowledge, but also to employee integration. Investing in employees will certainly not be throwing money down the drain.

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