What are banquet treatments? A conversation with a cosmetologist

spa banquet treatments

The carnival is underway. We want to have fun, party, meet with friends, have a pleasant time. Going to a carnival ball, we meticulously review the offers of hotels and banquet halls. The place is chosen, the partner by your side is ready, it's time to think about ourselves.

In this article we'll tell you which banquet treatments, including spa facials, are worth investing in to dazzle everyone at the carnival. The secrets of banquet treatments will tell us Natalia Spiewak, cosmetologist Spa & Wellness Institute at the Magellan Hotel. 

Banquet treatments - what are they?

You do not need a mask or costume to attract attention. Well-groomed facial skin will catch the eye of everyone ( and certainly everyone :)). Feeling good at the ball is essential, and the skin problems that are bothering us will certainly not help us have fun. Carnival party, will quickly turn into a fancy dress ball. The magic will break... and you will run home in a hurry even before the clock strikes 00:00... Sound like a fairy tale story with a sad ending?

After all, it doesn't have to be that way at all! Let's get down to reality, we're lifting the lid on banquet treatments. In this article, with the help of a cosmetologist, we will focus on facial treatments in SPAs. After all, SPA is a true temple of beauty, care and relaxation, so we seek knowledge from a proven source.

Odpowiedzmy zatem na pytanie:  Dlaczego warto zwrócić uwagę  na zabiegi bankietowe?

The reasons are several:

  • are safe,
  • quick
  • They are very effective and note-> the effects of these treatments can be seen immediately!

Which of us doesn't dream of immediate action? The range of banquet treatments includes: facial, neck and décolletage treatments. All non-invasive, of course, and with an immediate WOW effect! These types of treatments are effective and express, you can easily decide on them before important events, hence their name - "banquet". - adds cosmetologist Natalia Spiewak.

spa banquet treatments

A treatment for everyone. No pain or swelling. The effect of banquet treatments is intense, but safe. Facial treatments ( it's the most sensitive part of the body, and the first most conspicuous 😉 they don't cause redness or swelling, and you can see the effect after the first spa visit.

What is their effectiveness and non-invasiveness? The cosmetologist from the Spa & Wellness Institute in the Magellan Hotel, explains that A banquet treatment is usually a complex and very "concentrated" therapy, so the time required is shorter than in a standard treatment procedure.

When can a banquet treatment be performed?

Any occasion is good to go to SPA and let yourself be pampered. Find some time off and completely devote that time to pleasing your body. Any occasion is good, but when it comes to weddingwhere you'll be maid of honor, and during the week you're scheduled major business meetingand on the weekend you have fun at the carnival ball - think about banquet treatments.

banquet treatments

Before the ball, for the busy and sleep-deprived

It is an ideal solution for the busy, stressed, as well as people after a long journey or a sleepless night. Do you suffer from lack of free time and do you want to quickly improve the condition of your skin? Are you looking for a suitable facial treatment in SPA? Pay attention to the banquet treatments.

Banquet facial treatments in winter

During the winter our skin becomes dull, dull and exposed to many negative factors. Most of us, while getting ready for work in the morning, forget about moisturizing cream. In a hurry we rinse our face with cold water, put a thick layer of make-up and go outside. And there, minus temperatures, frosty air, probably already known smog. How can unprotected facial skin fight against such enemies?

I come back to the issue of lack of time - are we busy? We live in dynamic times, eat fast, work fast and expect results fast. Let's choose a condensed treatment with express results.

banquet treatments

Natalia Spiewak, a cosmetologist at the Spa & Wellness Institute at the Magellan Hotel, has prepared a list of banquet facial treatments that are worth doing in the winter.

  • Multivitamin treatment - Cleanses, moisturizes, revitalizes and ...attention if used regularly, reduces wrinkles!
  • Exfoliating and whitening therapies - diamond microdermabrasion and treatments using acids such as C White

Finally, we have a "golden three" for you, i.e. three banquet facial treatments that you can find in the offer of the Spa& Wellness Institute of the Magellan Hotel. Be sure to check out why you should choose them.

  • Hydra treatment - A universal SPA facial treatment, for all skin types, deeply moisturizes and restores skin radiance. It is an excellent base for special occasion makeup.
  • Sensitiv treatment - Targeted at those with vascular and sensitive skin. This banquet treatment calms and soothes the skin and reduces redness.
  • Facial lifting massage - It is designed to nourish tissues, improve skin tone and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. It is usually combined with ampoules and masks.

Full offer treatments and packages at the Spa&Wellness Institute at the Magellan Hotel you will find here.