What to look for when renting a conference room?

conference room rental

As many of us probably know -. conference organization, Training and other types of events is not an undertaking that can be undertaken hastily. An event such as a conference does not go unnoticed. What happens during it, has a long-term impact on the image of the company (brand), further cooperation with contractors, product sales, and even the amount of tax we pay. That is why you should prepare well and choose an appropriate place that meets a number of requirements. In this article we will tell you what to pay attention to when renting a conference room.

Conference room rental - the level of organization is a business card of our company

What the invited guests will find during the conference or event is our business card and will long be associated with the company we run. Therefore, all activities related to the organization of such events must be meticulously planned and thought out. It is also important to be able to anticipate unexpected situations and secure oneself against them, in order to avoid "slip-ups" as much as possible and the associated embarrassment.

Selection conference room

Certainly the fundamental issue when organizing conferences and events of this type is the decision to rent a conference room. It is not a simple choice at all. Not only because of the wide range of offers, but also in terms of answering the question, what parameters should be taken into account to consider that the chosen conference room is really optimal? To be able to make a good decision, we should first consider what our needs are, what specifically we expect from the conference room, which we want to rent. It is also important to know what your budget is.

So what to consider and think about?

It is very important to determine how many people you want to invite and whether the rented conference room will can accommodate so many guests and will make them feel comfortable. Another consideration is location and access. It would not be good if getting to the venue was a problem for the invitees. Location and surroundings are also important: is the conference room located in a noisy, full of smog downtown, or in a quiet and charming place near the city. It is important especially in summer, because a nice environment has a positive effect on the mood of invited guests.

Equipment and operation of a conference room for rent

If we are already talking about summer - the important thing is to check, whether the conference room has air conditioningIt is very important to have a good ventilation system, especially if you invite a large number of people. The lack of it can ruin even the best organized event (by the airiness in the room or the noise coming from the street through the open windows). To see for yourself to what extent the description of the conference room on the flyer or website agrees with the actual state - it's good to go to the place and check it out for yourself. Visiting the place where the conference room is located has another additional advantage - it will allow us to get to know the staff employed przy jej obsłudze. Warto mieć świadomość, że osoby tam zatrudnione będą nam towarzyszyć podczas konferencji (eventu) i będą miały wpływ na jej ostateczny przebieg i rezultat. A zatem dobrze jest sprawdzić, na ile jesteśmy w stanie efektywnie i bezkonfliktowo komunikować się z tymi osobami, pozyskać potrzebne informacje (i czy są one miarodajne) oraz na ile osoby te wykazują dobrą wolę, by świadczyć nam usługi na najwyższym poziomie, a na ile unikają współpracy.

Other important details

Another rather important detail is to check that the conference room is Internet access, wi-fi and phone coverage. It will certainly be an advantage if it is equipped with a projector and a multimedia projector. Let's also check whether the conference room has a good sound system? Is it possible to darken it? It's also worth answering the question of whether the decor of the room is attractive, adequate to the type of event we're organising and to the style of the invited guests.

Good meals

Another point - quite important - is to return meal notes. If we want to invite our guests for dinner or refreshments, it is worth checking if it is possible to order them on the spot and what is the quality of the served menu. Certainly good, elegantly served food will have a very positive effect on the reception of our brand by the participants of the meeting.

Feedback from others. One of the arguments that can crown our decision to rent a conference room is consultation with others. Relying on them does not always work (because not everyone has the same expectations and needs), but they are certainly an important voice in decision-making. Checking what kind of reviews the conference room enjoys will allow us to avoid unpleasant situations, because it is very likely that they can also meet us.

Housing conditions

Jeśli organizowane przez nas wydarzenie ma charakter biznesowy, warto również zwrócić uwagę, czy obok wynajmowanych sal konferencyjnych są pokoje do prowadzenia rozmów i spotkań w wystarczająco komfortowej atmosferze. Dodatkowym atutem będą z pewnością pokoje gościnne (jeśli konferencję planujemy na więcej niż jeden dzień), SPA lub miejsca, gdzie nasi goście będą mogli odpocząć i zrelaksować się.

Magellan*** Conference and Training Centre

In this context, we would like to draw your attention to hotel Magellan*** and a prestigious conference and training center at its disposal. The offer applies especially to those who are interested in conference room rental Near Lodz or near Warsaw. Our center was created for professional conferences, trainings and events, and is perfectly equipped for this purpose. We can accommodate up to 1000 people in 8 separate conference rooms. The Magellan Hotel*** conference and training center offers professional technical service, high standard rooms and a great restaurant serving international cuisine. Certainly an additional advantage is attractive SPAThe hotel has its own swimming pool, Night Club and swimming pool complex. In addition, the picturesque landscape away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which at the same time does not exclude fast and easy access from large cities (especially from Lodz and Warsaw). Certainly the argument that should finally convince you to our offer, is the fact that we have many regular customers who after the first visit to our conference and training center regularly return to us.