Company integration events - ideas and attractions, part II.

company integration events_attractions

About the teambuilding events for companies have meaning and value, we wrote in the previous part of this article. In this one - we will try to present some specific ideas that can constitute the content of a company integration event organized by us. Even if they will not be possible in every situation, they can become an inspiration for creating other solutions.

Company bonding events - ideas

Running with obstacles

Recently, obstacle runs and survival runs have become very popular. It is sports activities that are great for building teamworkBecause it is difficult and sometimes impossible to reach the goal alone. Our workplaces often resemble such a run, when we encounter all sorts of obstacles and complications in carrying out our tasks - hence the ability to face difficulties can be tested outdoors. Team obstacle runs first of all allow us to confront our own limitations and the fact that we are not self-sufficient - we need support. On the other hand, we should also be a support for others. Besides, this type of physical activity (just like at work) generates many difficult emotions, e.g. helplessness, rage, fatigue, exhaustion, discouragement - and we have to learn how to deal with these emotions in order not to give up trying to achieve the chosen goal. Of course, organizing this type of sporting event for our employees, we need to adjust the level of difficulty to the age, gender and condition of the invitees, as well as treat the results with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless, for such a run to make sense, it should be a challenge. You should also look for a suitable outdoor venue, preferably one where you can wash up after the event and have a valuable meal.

Company City Games

Generally speaking, it is an activity that uses urban (or suburban) space as an integral part of play and has its origins in scouting. It can also combine touches of computer games, flash mob (literally: a flash mob - an artificial crowd of people who gather unexpectedly in one public place to carry out a short-lived event intended to surprise random witnesses) or happenings. The space used can be compared to a board game, which has its own scenario and rules. What rules? Such as we will invent ourselves! What is more - creating a game plan can also become an element of a company integration event. Why is it worth organizing such a game? First of all because it is great fun, which at the same time requires creativity and ingenuity as well as organizational skills - so our employees will have an opportunity to prove themselves in these areas. Moreover, it is also an opportunity to get to know the city or area where the urban game will be organised, and which we might not have visited on any other occasion. Another important argument The participants of the game have the opportunity to get to know themselves in situations in which they would never find themselves on a daily basis. This type of activity also has the advantage of releasing a large dose of humor, a healthy distance to oneself and enthusiasm, which is often hard to come by at work.

Team cooking

Preparing meals and especially team feasting is also one of the ideas for a company integration event. It is a proposal especially for ladies and people of mature age, who would find it difficult to find themselves in tasks requiring good physical condition. Cooking together also requires organizational skills and creative thinking - Starting with a team list of necessary purchases, counting the budget, planning the menu, dividing tasks in the preparation of meals and cleaning up after them. Team cooking has the advantage of creating a homely, family atmosphere and allows you to demonstrate skills that are difficult to bring out at work. Eating prepared meals together is a great way to celebrate the joy of achieving a common goal. Another option is to live cooking in the presence of the chef of a chosen restaurant (some hotels specializing in organizing team building events for companies offer such an attraction). Tasty meals eaten together not only promote integration, but also evoke a lot of positive emotions and strengthen the vitality.

Business disco

Dyskoteka czy inna tego rodzaju impreza to także dobry pomysł na firmową imprezę integracyjną, zwłaszcza jeśli ją pomysłowo zorganizujemy. Opcji jest kilka. Możemy zaproponować zaproszonym np. zabawę przy muzyce z lat 60., przy muzyce ze znanego filmu albo z czasów PRL oraz stosowne do tego przebranie. Z pewnością such fun will provide us with a lot of laughter and relaxation and will allow you to show creativity and a healthy distance to yourself. With this type of event it is good to think about a ringleader - a person who will watch over the whole thing and make sure that everyone has a good time, which can be a difficult task if the group is very diverse in terms of age and temperament or not diverse enough in terms of gender. However - a dance party is also a great opportunity to carry out a lot of fun and team games (for example, one of the ideas is a competition for the best dance layout). In this case, too, the team can demonstrate creative thinking, a sense of humor, and establish relationships with each other on a completely different level than before. When planning such a program point, it is worth looking for hotelwhich has a nightclub or a suitable room for this kind of fun.

Sauna and spa treatments with your work team? Why not?

An increasingly popular form of diversifying integration events for companies is stay in sauna and SPA. Does that make sense? Of course! In this case, it does not so much teach teamwork as it promotes relaxation: it is great for reducing accumulated stress and fatigue, cleanses the body and helps to relax. It is important that team members (apart from working together towards a goal) are also able to relax. The same is true of rituals and SPA treatments (e.g. massages). Inviting employees to the sauna or SPA will not only give them great pleasure and allow them to regenerate, but also allow them to be together in quite an unusual situation. This will certainly foster integration and better mutual understanding, especially since the daily stress and tension at work definitely have a negative impact on relationships. Informal meetings allow you to get to know yourself from a different, more private side that may be completely invisible at work. Of course, in the sauna or spa, the boundaries of intimacy should be maintained and not exceeded, so as not to arouse embarrassment in the invited persons. Some hotels offer special cloth sauna suits, which are well breathable, and the body can breathe freely in them.

Corporate team building event ideas are also a challenge!

Interestingly - the content of a team-building event for a company can become... the invention of its program and its implementation (see: "How to organize a successful team building event for employees?") . This type of task given to our staff will also put mutual relations on a completely different track. In many ways it can also be a better solution than presenting a ready-made invitation, because team members themselves know very well in which activities they find themselves best, what they would like to do in their free time, and what they definitely do not. Just talking about it in public can have an integrating function and make employees get to know each other better (especially since the way we spend our free time says a lot about us). On the other hand, however - outsourcing the organization of this type of event to specialists dealing with integration events for companies also has many good sides. One of them is the element of surprise - probably an external organizer will introduce solutions that our employees would never come across. During some workshops and games there is also a need for an objective look from the side by people who are not emotionally involved in interpersonal relations.

We won't have to wait long for the fruits of such meetings. strengthened team relationships, greater openness to one another, good moods and greater motivation to work together to achieve objectives - These are just some of the benefits of corporate team building events.