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organization of christenings and communions in the restaurant
Family parties have long ceased to be modest dinners at the hosts' home. With the birth of the youngest member of the family we start the traditional family party marathon. We start with baptisms and usually end up with weddings, along the way we have birthday parties, including the famous birthdays, communions, 18's, 30's, etc. There is really quite a lot of it. If not a family celebration at home, then where? Table of Contents: Family party at home or at a venue?....
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family events in hotel łódzkie
There is no shortage of occasions for family gatherings. Christenings, communions, weddings, birthdays. We have not been organizing family events in our homes and apartments for a good dozen or so years now. It is no longer a dinner and cake in the living room. Family celebrations have long since grown into grand events with an array of guests, attractive menus and attractions for all the guests. Family events have moved to restaurants, conference rooms and hotels. Convenience is not the only reason why...
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travel voucher_magellan
Do you have a tourist voucher and do not hesitate to use it? Don't buy accommodation just anywhere, bet on well-deserved relaxation in a stylish hotel away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Especially for you we have lowered the prices, creating perfect packages. Take your children, relax, and pay for your stay with a tourist voucher. Tourist voucher 500zł Relaxing night with a tourist voucher 2 adults + 1 child 4-12 years + children up to 3 years of age + 2...
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where to have an outdoor wedding
Does every little girl dream of having a fairytale wedding and wearing a white dress? There is something in these wedding stories. Every bride certainly cares about a unique celebration. It is supposed to be magical, just as you have dreamed. The wedding industry allows these dreams to come true, realizing the most imaginative wedding ideas. We will tell you the recipe for a wedding and reception in the open air. It is an unquestionable leader among wedding trends. 1) How much does it cost...
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las minute lakeside vacations
Due to the pandemic, can you forget about the planned vacations abroad? Does it mean that this year there will be no vacations at all? Who said that vacations in Poland can't be as attractive and successful as a week in Greece? Well, you still have plenty of time to book last minute vacations in Poland. Our proposal? Family vacations in Poland on Lake Sulejowski, full of attractions. Last Minute Holidays 2.
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hotel accommodation price
Do you think that staying in a three-star hotel is not affordable? Do you associate the legendary 3 or even 4 stars only with high prices? It turns out that accommodation in a three-star hotel does not always have to cost a fortune. But what can customers of a hotel with three or even five gold stars count on? You can find out in our article. 1. a night in a 3-star hotel? Check how much it costs 2. Hotel stars....
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good lakeside accommodation
We book seats on the train, a table at a restaurant, movie tickets for a Saturday night out. We also book a hotel for a vacation and rooms for a weekend trip out of town. Does the one room you book meet all your requirements? Have you booked a room at the best price? Don't buy a pig in a poke and, above all, start by reading the hotel descriptions. This article will tell you what to look for when booking a hotel at the lake. The best way to book a hotel room in...
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ways to relax at the lake
You can relax in many ways. At home, away from home, with friends, with family, on a paradise vacation abroad. Everyone deserves relaxation after a hard day at work or a stressful week with children. However, in order for this planned rest to really bring the desired relaxation, it must be properly planned. For those who want to spend the weekend in a quiet place away from the city, we have 3 ways to relax in a hotel on the lake. 1. choose the best hotel...
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vacation offers hotel
Can a vacation planned at the last minute be a successful rest? With so many last minute offers on the market, can you really choose something attractive 2 days before departure? Yes, and not only in travel agencies. Hotels resort especially in the holiday season serve guests the best offers for the weekend last minute. We check what spa hotels on the lake offer us. 1) An idea for the weekend 2) What does ...
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