How to organize a romantic engagement in a spa?

It is beautiful, shiny, adorns the heart finger of a woman. It is worn with pride and focuses everyone's eyes.

An engagement ring is a trinket that appears on a woman's square in very romantic circumstances.

It is a proof of love, a guarantee of fidelity, a promise of a long and happy life.

Every look at the engagement ring is supposed to bring back wonderful memories, romantic moments, all the promises.

All these beautiful emotions will be provided by the right setting for the engagement. It has to be romantic, sentimental and magical.

That is why you have come to the right place! We will tell you how to prepare a romantic engagement in the spa. It will not be just moments, it will be a romantic weekend.

Ring for a long time bought, and you still have no idea how and where to ask your beloved to marry?

How about a romantic engagement at the lake?

Included, the beach, the lake, the stars in the sky. Let this most important question have a magical setting.

These are memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Table of Contents:

1. engagement at the spa

2. spa treatments for the bride and groom

3. lakeside engagement 


Take your beloved to a spa for a romantic engagement

You're planning to propose. You've found the woman of your life. That's wonderful! Congratulations.

She's a special woman, so the engagement can't be ordinary. It has to be an event.

Every woman dreams of a unique engagement and wants to remember it for the rest of her life.

In order for her to actually have something to reminisce about, you have to make an effort and prepare an engagement that will bring her to her knees (but mostly you have to get down on one knee).

Our proposal is a romantic engagement in the SPA.

spa engagements

An array of romantic activities are included. No worries! We will show you how to plan such a romantic engagement step by step.

It all starts with an idea.

You will celebrate this engagement together, so you will take your beloved to a hotel with a spa for the weekend.

There is no shortage of offers with packages for lovers, you will certainly choose one that will meet your expectations.

And here's a tip from us. If you really want a romantic experience.

Take your beloved to lakeside hotelThere are a lot of such places in the Lodz province. There you can also arrange a romantic engagement by the lake.

But let's go back to SPA&Wellness Institute.

Why is that where we want to send brides?

It's simple, tie it all together: relaxing spa treatments together, romantic dinners together,

Surprise for lovers from the hotel, decoration of the hotel room.

Truth be told, the whole thing is the perfect foundation for a romantic SPA engagement.

Will you become my wife... at the spa?

This is the most important question, it must have a magical setting.

Order your engagement package well in advance. Don't reveal until the last minute where you're going.

A few days before your trip, plan all the activities in detail with the spa staff.

With the help of cosmetologists, you will choose common treatments, treatments for her and for yourself.

What remains to be decided is the menu for the romantic dinner, during which this most important question will be asked.

Your sweetheart, will be convinced that you are taking her on a trip out of town. It will be a romantic weekend, but she won't expect such a bomb!

Time to make final arrangements with the hotel spa staff.

Those are really the details.

spa engagement

It's up to you to decide what form of welcome surprise you choose: a bottle of sparkling wine and macaroons or champagne and strawberries?

There is still the question of decoration. Will red rose petals scattered all over the hotel room and the world in the bathroom be quite a romantic decoration?

Determine with the hotel staff what decorations you expect. Maybe your loved one likes white flowers best?

On this day you're supposed to totally surprise her, these little details will show that you've really prepared solidly for this romantic spa engagement.

Love at the SPA

That love will literally be in the air. You have arrived at your destination.

Time to realize all the points of a romantic engagement. After settling into your hotel reception, it's time for an explosion of delight.

How beautiful it is here! What beautiful decorations! Oh my those are my favorite flowers! So get ready for this joy;)

Ok, time for the highlight of this trip (well maybe, actually not the highlight). Time for a series of pleasant SPA treatments.

SPA&Wellness Institute is waiting for your arrival.

romantic spa engagement

Where will you begin this romantic cruise in the temple of beauty?

To start, you will go for a Mediterranean body scrub.

It is a treatment that effectively cleanses the skin.

The next stage is relaxation in a steam capsule. A session in such a steam capsule has therapeutic, slimming and beautifying effects.

This bath will improve your microcirculation, your skin will, look healthy.

It's time for facial treatments.

We'll start with a relaxing facial massage with water tubs.

At this point you will be separated for a while. I promise, it won't take long;)

Your future wife will go for a moisturizing and brightening treatment called Beauty Hydration Ritual.

It's a real relief for sun-drenched skin.

And you will benefit from the thalgo Aquarelle facial treatment. It is an intensive moisturizing and energizing treatment for tired skin.

lakeside engagement

The attraction doesn't end there. Your romantic engagement at the spa, continues.

It's time for the next phase of treatments.

After individual facial treatments, it's time for a chocolate massage.

A real feast for the body. You still have to visit the swimming pool complex.

As part of your stay at the hotel, you have unlimited access to the pool, jacuzzi and sauna.

Intoxicated with pleasant treatments, relaxed after your spa visit, you move on to the next item on your romantic engagement list.

This beauty session has prepared you for the highlight of the day.

Dinner by candlelight and stars

This is going to be a romantic lakeside engagement!

Yes, we're moving from the spa to the lakeside restaurant.

Beach, sun, water.

Could it be more romantic?

The visit to the spa, just lulled her alertness, sure she wasn't expecting anything.

It is during a romantic dinner with dessert that this most important question will be asked.

The hotel staff will take care of the romantic atmosphere and love scenery.

At the appropriate time (determined in advance with you), the staff will serve you your meals and dessert.

At your discreet sign, a string quartet hired for the occasion will begin a concert of the best romantic songs.

romantic lakeside engagement

Did I add that your dinner for two will be held outdoors?

Yes, it will be a romantic engagement at the lake. The lake humming, the birds chirping...I guess that's how it went 🙂 .

The picturesque surroundings included guarantee a successful dinner and engagement.

Your stay at the hotel with all the attractions and of course the romantic engagement is a perfectly staged event.

Of course, with the full involvement of the hotel's helpers.

What exactly are my ideas for a romantic engagement at the lake?

It's simple, you will need a beach and candles.

After dinner (and after dessert, of course), blindfold your beloved with a handkerchief and, blindfolded like this, walk her a few steps.

Once she is on the beach right by the lake, uncover her eyes.

There will be a small red box on the beach surrounded by candles.

She already knows!

Yes, now is the moment. Time for the most important question.

It's time for the finale of this romantic engagement.

This is just a surprise. The girl agrees to live together with you, there is an explosion of euphoria.

She is absolutely stunned and is positively surprised by such a surprise. It's a real wow effect!

It worked, you created the perfect romantic lakeside engagement combined with spa activities.

What will you do with the rest of such a successful evening?

Your first night as brides will be spent in a comfortable hotel room, but but, you are not going to bed yet.

During the holiday season, hotels very often organize evening discos, feasts by the fire.

Why not like this, end this romantic day?

spa engagement


They're already carrying my gown and veil to me, but first.

Ideas for a romantic engagement, you can multiply. Regardless of whether it will be a ceremony with the participation of parents, or just the two of you, it is worth remembering one thing.

Engagement is an important step.

For women, it is altogether a historic moment, let this romantic engagement at the spa or this romantic engagement at the lake, be an unforgettable event.

Love is beautiful and requires an extraordinary setting.

If you are planning to propose and still have no idea how to organize the engagement in an original way?

Thinking about getting engaged at a spa or lake?

Magellan Hotel organise romantic engagementThe hotel staff will take care of the romantic setting of this event.


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