Ideas for a bachelorette party in SPA

Your best friend is about to become a wife!

On her heart finger, a diamond ring sparkles.

During your meetings over coffee, you plan every detail wedding and reception. After all, this is the most important day in your friend's life, everything must be perfect and polished.

For a moment detach your buddy from the wedding preparations and organize for her an unforgettable hen night at the spa.

This is going to be something!

Such a farewell to single status is sure to be memorable for all.

In this article, we will reveal to you the most interesting ideas for organizing a bachelorette party in the SPA..... also find something about bachelor parties in the SPA.

Yes, men can have a great time at the spa too.

It's going to be great 🙂 .


Hen night at the SPA

The bride's bachelorette party is supposed to be an unforgettable event. This is a major undertaking, the organization of which rests with the witness and friends of the bride. This is supposed to be an unforgettable night, lots of attractions and fun. After all, you get married once in your life, so the opportunity for another hen night may never come again 😉 .

The witness must not waste this opportunity.

By organizing a bachelorette party in the SPA, we will not only create an unforgettable night, but also allow the bride and groom moments of care and relaxation under the guidance of cosmetologists.

It's a girls' night out with spa treatments, champagne and delicious food.

Yes it is possible, sounds great right?

bachelorette party in spa

How to organize an unforgettable night at the SPA?

Assume that the witness is the primary organizer of this initiative.

Where should she start to prepare a bachelorette party at the spa?

-> To begin with, the witness should make a list of all the girls with whom the bride would like to spend her last moments of freedom.

-> The next step is to choose the right SPA&Wellness Institute.

Is our spa close to where you live? If not, you need to check if you will be able to stay overnight at the hotel?

Here our hint, look for hotel with spa. Finding such a place will make it much easier for us to organize a bachelorette party.

Now that you have chosen a spa institute, there is the question of the date, which you should discuss with your guests and the bride.

All that remains is to determine the program of the event and the choice of treatments.

Also, don't forget about the gift for the married woman-to-be. You will read about it later in the article.

hen night at the spa in magellan hotel


As for the bride and groom and their guests.... Well, for them there will also be a place in the SPA Institute.

Don't let the venue fool you, this will be a truly manly bachelor party at the spa.

The plan is simple. The witness, gathers the peasants. You choose a date and take the bride and groom to the hotel spa. Your evening begins with a scrub and massage.

After your treatments, you continue to celebrate the last days of freedom in the pool and hot tub.

Choice of treatments

If the spa bachelorette party is not a surprise for the bride, it is worth discussing with her SPA treatment packagethat you have chosen.

In the rich offer of SPA Institutes you will find treatments for face, body, feet etc. You can arrange a set of treatments yourself or with the help of a cosmetologist create a package especially for you.

Our package proposal includes: 

- facial treatment

- body treatment

- hot stone massage

- visit to the swimming pool complex

- steam sauna with aromatherapy

- manicure and pedicure

stag and hen party in spa

Package for her

Do you want to design your bachelorette party from scratch? Choose your own treatments, attractions, etc.?

Cosmetologists will certainly suggest which treatments and packages to choose.

This night bet on relaxing massages and aromatic baths such as baths in wine. Relax and enjoy the wine in your glasses.

Plus a proper moisturizing facial and body treatment.

After a series of pleasant treatments, it's time for fun in the pool complex and a delicious dinner at a restaurant.

The chef will prepare for you a fit menu, after all, on the wedding day the bride must impress with a flawless figure. This is what a perfect hen night at the SPA looks like.

bachelorette party in spa

Package for him

The groom is just as important as the bride, which is why he will take care of his appearance during his bachelor party. Together with his friends. This really is no joke.

We assure you, you gentlemen do not have to part with your drinks this evening. Not only will you drink them, but you'll also bathe in them... 🙂 .

What pleasurable attractions await men during a bachelor party at the spa? The men's package included a beer bath and beer tasting.

We also offer a classic massage and moisturizing facial treatment. The bachelor party in the SPA, do not end with candles and cosmetics.

In the hotel restaurant a real men's menu and real men's drinks await gentlemen.  

A gift for two

Organizing a bachelorette party at a spa is not the only task of a witness.

There are attractions and there must be gifts. As a rule, the witness decides to buy lingerie or cosmetics. None of these things.

Our bachelorette party in the SPA, is an original proposal, different from all others, a gift for the bride also must have an unusual setting.

So what should the last single woman get?

Treat the bride and groom to a little luxury and pleasure.

Where to look for such a gift?

You and your girlfriends give her SPA voucher. All in all, it's a gift that will work for many occasions.

A friend wants to spend a pleasant spa experience with her future husband?

Choose for them a spa voucher for two.

A bachelorette party at the spa and a surprising gift.

This is the recipe for a successful singles party.

This is how you say goodbye to the free state.

Let them both forget about the hardships of everyday life for a while 🙂

bachelorette party

Are you planning to organize a hen night or a stag party in a spa? W Spa&Wellness Institute offer Magellan Hotel, you will find a Day SPA package for her and for him.

Are you planning on playing together? Be sure to check out the Day SPA Package for two.


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