Organizing a team building event in a hotel. How much does it cost?

Behind the success of any business are the people.

Company employees who as a team fight every day for customer satisfaction, consumer laurels, and industry recognition awards.

I don't think anyone needs to be convinced anymore that organizing training and team building events for employees,

is an investment that will pay off.

If you are facing the challenge of creating such an event for your company,

start with your budget and our article.

Because in this article we will tell you how much it really costs to organize a team building event in a hotel in Lodz province.

Here we go!

1 Types of corporate events. For whom is a team building event?

2. what is included in the price of a team building event at a hotel?

3. how much does it cost to rent a conference room?

4. additional attractions = additional costs?


Organizing a team building event in a hotel in Lodz province. Why and for whom?

Your business is doing really well, your company is growing, your products are disappearing from store shelves like hotcakes.

Your employees are a close-knit, effective team that records sales year after year.


Such employees should be rewarded.

Bonus? Vouchers?

A corporate trip to a hotel?

Why not, after all, it is widely known that the best system of motivating employees is the one in the form of cash or material rewards

or in the form of a company trip to a three-star hotel. Let's focus on the latter form of employee motivation.

If your company is experiencing sales success, it's a sign that your team are born salespeople, specialists at heart.

Perhaps success lies in investing in employees.

How? It's simple, by sending employees to trainings and workshops, organizing company events and team building trips for them.

Let's recall in a really big nutshell, the most important corporate events that are worth organizing.


A. Training

Organized for employees for one specific purpose.

The team is expected to learn important new skills, expand knowledge, and gain new qualifications.

Our suggestion? Don't skimp on training, and certainly not on the trainer.

You need to hire a professional to conduct a professional course.

Organization of training in a hotel The most important thing is to be sure that the event will be professionally prepared.

Knowledge transferred in the right way and under the right conditions brings excellent results. 

To conduct training at a hotel you need to hire conference room and provide a coffee break.

To help you, you still have a professional staff who have literally eaten their teeth at business events.


B. Team building events

These are the events that employees look forward to all year.

It really is. Ask your colleagues at work.

Social event may take the form of an employee trip to some tourist resort.

It can be simply an event for employees combined with creative workshops, team games. 

As a rule, companies choose to organize team building events in a hotel. The price?

This one, unfortunately, depends on many factors.

The cost of your organization will include meeting room rental, meals, lodging and additional hotel services.

About the exact cost of organizing a team building event in a hotel in Lodz province, you will learn in a moment.

Later in this article, we will break down this cost into its components;)


C. Corporate events

Yes is a very general term.

In the bag labeled corporate events, we put events that are important to the company.

Anniversaries, new contracts, industry awards, global company successes.

Taka corporate event combined with an evening gourmet banquet, band performance and accommodation for guests

Is the most expensive option for a corporate event.

Cost? From a few to even tens of thousands of zlotys.

The corporate events described above are among the most popular, i.e. most often organized by companies.

Each differs in size, scope of services, and cost of organization.

Answering the question of which type of event is worth or even necessary to organize.

Consider what business purpose you want the corporate event to serve.

In our article, we will focus on our familiar backyard and answer the question,

how much does it cost to organize a team building event in a hotel in lodzkie province?

What is the price of a team building event at a hotel?

Let's start with the most important issue.

Before you send a request for proposal to a particular hotel,

Do you need to know when exactly your event will take place, how many participants will attend, and how many people you plan to accommodate at the hotel?

The second issue is hotel services.

Have you wondered what you'll need for a hotel team building event?

Will you need a conference room, outdoor area?

Usually the price of organizing such an event in a hotel includes: accommodation, conference/training room, meals and lodging.

This price already depends on the nature of the event, the rooms needed, the number of meals and additional services.

Remember that we are writing here about the costs you will incur if you organize the event yourself and only choose the place for the event.

If the integration will be organized by the event company, which will take care of preparing the scenario, theme of the event, you have to prepare for the additional cost.

Of course you can draw on the experience of the business event sales team, use their proven tips, it's a rather free service.

Conference room rental cost

After all, it's a team-building event, so there can be no shortage of creative workshops together,

group struggles and riddles and puzzles.

During these team activities, you will integrate as a team, learn new skills, and get to know each other.

And if you're struggling intellectually together, you absolutely must have a conference or training room.

The hotel offers rental of the conference room itself, e.g. for a one-day or several-hour training, or integration package,

which includes the rental of a training room.

Hotels record the highest interest in corporate events from March to June and in the September-October period.

Knowing this, don't wait to book a hotel for your event, the best seats will quickly become unavailable.

Why am I mentioning this?

To make you realize that the price of organizing a team building event in a hotel in Lodz province is not influenced by the particular tourist season.

It won't be more expensive in June, and neither, will it be cheaper in November.

We write about hotel prices in Lodz province, not in a tourist resort (mountains, seaside).

Of course, you can count on promotions, during periods of lower interest.

It remains for you to keep a close eye on the offers of selected hotels in the region.


But let's get back to the topic of conference room rental prices.

It depends on the area and the time for which the room is booked.

Magellan Hotel You can rent the room for 4 hours or 8 hours per day.

The second issue is the size of the room.

A room of 50 m2 for 4 hours will be rented for 290 PLN, a conference room measuring 305 m2 for 8 hours can be had for 1890 PLN.

What do we get at this price?

It is a fully professionally equipped room for training or conference.

There are: working audio equipment, microphones, projector, projector.

These are properly lit and air-conditioned business rooms.

When booking, be sure to make sure that the room you are interested in has all of this on board.

Watch out for deals where the hotel offers an overhead projector, chairs or air conditioning for an additional fee.

This is outright fraud.

Business checkout rooms in professional hotels are professional rooms prepared for the needs of the business client.


If not a conference room, then what?

Well, organizing a conference in a hotel in Lodz province is not limited to team activities in the conference room.

Want to surprise your employees?

Think about renting the outdoor area next to your hotel.

It can be a forest amphitheater or a garden.

In such a place reserved exclusively you can organize a bonfire,

BBQ or outdoor team games.

Outdoor team building events are becoming increasingly popular.

Additionally, organized during the summer, they are a substitute for a vacation with colleagues.

For example, renting an amphitheater for 250 people costs 1500 PLN.

Accommodation and meals

If your team-building trip will last for several days, it is obvious that the event participants will spend the night in a hotel.

Accommodation is a cost that goes into the price of organizing a team building event at a hotel.

The price really depends on the number of people who will be staying at the resort.

For a night in a single room you have to pay about 320 PLN/ stay.

A night in a double room costs about 250 PLN/ stay.

What is important, if you have chosen a spa hotel for your event, remember that the price of accommodation includes

Participants receive breakfast and unlimited entry to the Wellness zone (swimming pool, saunas, jacuzzi).

The price of accommodation for participants is always an individual matter in the case of corporate events.

The cost of accommodation is calculated based on the number of participants in the event.

You can expect that the more people staying at the hotel, the less you will pay per night.

This is one of the discounts you can count on when organizing integration events at the hotel.

We write more extensively about this topic a little further on.


We were still left with the question of meals.

Buying accommodation in the price we also have breakfast.

Subsequent planned meals, i.e. lunch, dinner are charged extra.

Not every conference organizer keeps this in mind, so when booking a hotel, ask the sales department to include meals in the quote.


Additional services

At a team-building event in a hotel, not only food and lodging man lives.

Therefore, in the program of your corporate event, think about additional attractions. Our suggestions?

If your employees will be entertaining at a spa hotel, think about a relaxing massage for the trip participants.

If not a massage, maybe a scrub or some kind of body treatment?

Prices of such packages, sets you arrange with the sales department of the hotel.

Remember that spa treatments is always an additional paid service.

However, this is not the end of the additional costs.

If your guests want to play a game of pool during their break, go for a bike ride,

You as the organizer will have to pay for it.

On request and of course for an additional fee, the hotel will prepare for your guests a barbecue or bonfire in the garden,

develops the route in the rope park, organizes the evening party in the hotel disco and prepares sports equipment.

Consider what activities your employees want?

After hours of workshops in the conference room, do you feel like having a relaxing massage

Will you feel like dancing on the dance floor?

Get employee reviews and hotel experience.

The sales department, responsible for business events, will suggest which services are most popular,

Which attractions are worth organizing.

Such a department of professionals serves with their knowledge and experience.

Take advantage of this.


Discounts and promotions

After all, we all like to buy something cheaper.

Organizing a team building event in a hotel is not cheap.

Here you would like to save money, order less and the price goes down by a few zlotys.

However, you won't always pay less if you order something less.

In the case of the hotel industry, you can count on a discount or rebate when you book more.

Yes, really.

Discounts largely depend on the number of guests and the number of nights and apply mainly to rooms and conference rooms.

Although there's no denying that you can also expect a discount on spa services.

You arrange everything individually with the sales department.

If your team building event at the hotel are intimate events, for a dozen people looking for promotion

Start by reviewing offers during periods of lower interest.

The biggest boom, the hotel industry registers in the periods: March - June, September - October.

For business offers at a lower price, look for January through February.

Winter integration at a hotel can also be a successful corporate event. 

If you are looking for a hotel to organize a team building event for your company, check out Magellan Hotel offer.

It is a modern SPA&Business hotel with considerable experience in organizing corporate events.


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