Spend this summer for two. Choose a spa holiday package

A declaration of love, a wedding anniversary, or even an engagement. After all, any reason is good to spend romantic moments just for two.

It is the vacations after all! It's the best time to celebrate love. A time for vacation, rest and blissful relaxation.

Make the most of this summer for moments for two. There will be romantic dinners, relaxing spa treatments and the obligatory breakfast in bed.

All options include a spa vacation package.

We start the summer and present you the best holiday packages in SPA

Table of Contents:

1) What are the characteristics of a good spa?

2. selection of treatments in one package

3. breakfast in bed included

4. Spa as a gift

Good spas in Poland tempt with holiday packages

These are supposed to be romantic moments for two. Dinners together, relaxing by the hotel pool together.

Hotels & SPA&Wellenss Institutes, have prepared well for the holiday season.

A good spa is a resort that stands out not only for its good location, modern equipment, but also for its interesting offer.

A good spa, it keeps its range of treatments and packages up to date. And finally, it prepares seasonal packages: winter, summer, autumn, occasional.

But that's not all.

If you want a really solid relaxation and a maximum dose of romance, choose the SPA Institute, which is in the hotel.

We can then be sure that such a package holiday in the spa will include not only dedicated treatments, but also... romantic dinner, accommodation in a comfortable room strewn with roses (literally), etc.

This is just a romantic package.


This will be the summer of love. What should a package for lovers contain?

Who among us hasn't experienced holiday love. It's time to revisit the memories of holiday love.

Or is your holiday love today your chosen one for life?

That's great!

Let yourself be carried away by the moment and give yourself some real summer elation. Need even more romantic fireworks?

Surprise your loved one and give them a spa as a gift. Until the last minute, don't reveal where, you are going or why.

The mysterious journey into the unknown will be worth the huge surprise and bursts of joy.

This vacation really make an effort, instead of flowers, dinner at a restaurant or another bottle of perfume, give her a spa as a gift (maybe less than an institute;).

Such spa voucherYou can easily order in the Institute, choose the right package, select treatments, agree on the date of implementation.

Wouldn't it be more fun to enjoy this gift together?

Romantic moments for two cannot be short-lived, that is why we offer you a whole weekend spent just for two.

What exactly will such a spa vacation package include?

Here are our suggestions

spa vacation package

Treatments in SPA&Wellness Institute

A shared milk bath, a chocolate massage, a shared hand treatment, or even a shared manicure.

There are actually quite a few possibilities.

In the spa vacation package, Chocolate Love (you can find it in the SPA in the Magellan Hotel) really sweet treatments are waiting for you.

How about a shared azure bath followed by a chocolate massage?

It's your spa stay together, so you can't miss SPA treatments for two.

It stays on the topic of sweet treatments.

After the joint massage it's time for a Polynesian massage, yes this is not the end of the pleasant torture.

Plus a glass of champagne and a chocolate surprise. What is it? You'll have to check it out for yourselves!

After the treatments together, it's time for a moment of separation.

The partner goes for a relaxing facial massage with water boules, while he starts a session in the water capsule.

What other treatments are worth choosing?

There are three types of treatments you can have.

  1. Baths
  2. Massages
  3. Body and face treatments

And it is these treatments that should be included in your spa vacation package.

Here's our list:

Cleansing Peeling

This is a treatment designed for the whole skin, it effectively cleanses the skin and removes dead skin.

2. moisturizing and brightening facial treatments

This treatment not only deeply moisturizes the face, but also removes the first signs of aging.

3. beer bath for him+ beer tasting and wine bath for her+ a glass of wine

4. Relaxing massage for two + Strawberry Love massage.

This is a relaxing back massage with strawberry yogurt.

5. hand and foot massage + manicure and pedicure (yes, also for men)

spa as a gift

Pool, water, swimming pool

Your holiday package in the SPA, as I mentioned, is not only treatments at the Institute.

You are in a hotel with a swimming poolwhy not take advantage of it?

As a hotel guest, you will have unlimited access to the swimming pool complex, jacuzzi and sauna.

After a series of treatments, it's time for water madness in the pool.

Bathing together will effectively allow you to forget about the daily stresses. And note, this will be your second bath together. 

Room, picnic breakfasts and candlelight dinner

This is just what everyone has been waiting for!

We start our stay with a visit to the SPA and end it with a romantic candlelight dinner with a glass of wine.

This is the moment. Those romantic moments for two.

It's a good time to get engaged, profess your love, and celebrate another happy anniversary together.

spa vacation package

The chef will take care of the delicious menu.

The hotel staff will take care of the romantic setting.

Your romantic dinner with dessert, you can enjoy in the hotel restaurant or outdoors.

There is still the question of lodging and other meals.

Since it's a spa vacation package, overnight stays at the spa won't happen, I assure you:)

The hotel will provide you with accommodation in a comfortable room.

Of course, there will also be breakfast, and note in two parts. A picnic breakfast and a buffet breakfast.

Do you prefer an even more romantic version? Well yes breakfast in bed, that of course can be arranged as well 😉 .

What your romantic partner is for.

It's the detail that counts

It is the details that will build the whole setting. Welcoming from the doorstep courteous and smiling hotel staff.

Flower arrangements at the reception and finally a romantic decoration in the room.

Red rose petals scattered on the bed, the bathroom filled with white candles.

Top it off with a bottle of good wine with two glasses or champagne.

Move to the bathroom, where massage oils and flower petals (for the bath) will be waiting for the couple in love.

spa package for your vacations

This is what a dream spa vacation package should look like

It's going to be a perfect weekend! And you know why? Because it will be spent just the two of us.

Book such a weekend for yourself and enjoy yourselves. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings, the hotel attractions and of course the treatments.

It's just supposed to be time pleasantly spent.

When choosing and booking a spa vacation package for you, don't forget to ask about all of the above.

After all, during a romantic vacation, you won't be worrying about where she'll sleep and if a meal was included 😉 😉 .

And finally one more very important information:)

Spa as a gift

Birthday, name day, anniversary. We need a unique, appropriate gift for every occasion.

A gift spa will certainly solve many searches for the perfect gift. When choosing a spa voucher, you don't have to choose treatments right away.

Such a gift voucher may include the amount of treatments and only the expiration date. Deciding on a specific treatment package though?

With the help of cosmetologists, create a tailor-made voucher.

Looking for a hotel with a spa close to town?

Want to spend a romantic weekend for two?

Check the offer of the Magellan Hotel and vacation packages dedicated to those in love.

romantic getaway for two


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