October 17, 2023


business etiquette in a hotel

Rules of business etiquette, or corporate savoir-vivre

Especially in business, the saying fully applies: "as they see you, so they write you", so we must be aware that both our potential customers and clients evaluate us through the prism of every, even the smallest detail - from handshake and clothes to the decor of the conference room included. Therefore - if we want the assessment to be positive - we must take the appropriate steps to make it happen. First contact at the meeting...
best spa treatments

Top 5 spa treatments you must try!

In autumn, winter, spring and summer, this place is worth visiting. For short vacations and longer vacations. For weekend battery recharging and weekend relaxation. This place is a spa hotel. Since you take care of your appearance all year round, this time you can do it in a temple of beauty, in the best spa of course. In this article we will reveal what the best spa hotels on the lake have, we will also reveal the top 5 spa treatments you can enjoy....